How to Return Books

As the quarter draws to a close, it’s a good time to return any library books you have finished using. When the library is open, use the book return slots at the Circulation Desk or at the counter inside the library’s front entrance.

If the library is closed, you can still return your books. There are two drive-up drop boxes at the University Avenue entrance to campus.  They’re located in the turn-around, across from the flagpoles, and are labeled “Library Book Drop,” as shown in this photograph:

Photo looking toward library from front of campus showing bookdrop boxes.

A walk-up book drop is also available at the northeast corner of the library building, just outside the alcove that houses the exterior elevator and stairwell.

The outside drop boxes are checked once a day, in the morning after the library opens.

Please note that any items checked out from the Reserves Desk must be returned to the Reserves Desk only.

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