Find books fast with QR codes

Scan this code to display a text message.

Scan this code to display a text message.

Now available! Get quick information about a book, DVD, or CD in the library’s collection via QR code.

Don’t have a pen handy to write down your book’s location and call number ? If you have a smartphone with a QR app, just scan the QR code that appears in the Pfau Library Catalog. Check this example in our record for Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham.

Scan the QR code from the screen, and your phone will display the book’s title, floor location, call number, and status.

QR Codes (short for “Quick Response”) are two-dimensional matrix barcodes which can be read by a smart phone with a camera and scanning app, prompting the smart phone to load a web page or display text contained in the code.

Don’t have a QR app yet? There are lots of free ones. Just search “QR Code scanner” in the iTunes or Android market. Examples include Red Laser for iPhone and Barcode Scanner for Android.

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